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Central School HSA Executive Board


    Katie Gibs  - Co-President

  Meredith Dallas - Co-President

  Ruth Kim - VP Enrichment

  Carolyn Byrne   - VP Fundraising

  Kelly Davis- VP Social/Hospitality

  Jessica Natalizio - Treasurer


  Kathryn Morris -VP of Communications/Website

   Kathleen Short - Secretary

 Tania Grove - President Emeritus


About the Central School HSA

The Central School Home & School Association is an integral part of the Central School community. Our goal is to support and supplement the programs, activities, and enrichment opportunities for our children through volunteering and fundraising initiatives, as well as social events that bring together our Central community.

The 2020-2021 school year will look different than years past, but the HSA board, along with the teachers and staff are working hard to make it memorable for all of our students. Many of our social events offer a great opportunity to meet members of our community.  We hope to see you at these fun events through the school year. Please continue to support the HSA, sign up for activities and get involved. We can be Central together, even when we are apart. 

Our HSA fundraising initiatives are many – from monthly activities, such as patronizing Francesca’s Night to collecting Box Tops on Spirit Days. Our largest fundraiser is the bi-annual Spring Auction & Social, of which the next one will take place in April 2022. Our food fundraiser days look a bit different this year, be sure to check out the Central Fare offerings and stop by these wonderful local establishments to support them and our HSA.  

We are so thrilled that the 5th-grade families will treat us all to a howling Halloween Haunted House in October. 

Enrichment is top-of-mind for the HSA, as we host the annual Science Fair (hopefully), supplement the cost of field trips (when we are allowed to go), support our Tic Toc art docent program (on hold right now) and to provide mini-grants to teachers for special projects and supplies. Assemblies are usually held on a regular basis and will pick up again when we can safely execute. 

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