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School lunches can be ordered through Pomptonian

A printable monthly menu can be found here.

Food-Day Volunteer Sign Ups

September 2019 - June 2020 

Sign up to help our food chairs distribute bagels, pizza, ice cream and grilled cheese sandwiches to Central School students!  Participation on food days occurs during Central’s school lunch hour (11:10am - 12:30pm) on all food days throughout the year (while some bagel days occur on the half days).  Helping out our food day chairs on bagel days, pizza days, ice cream days and/or grilled cheese days (whether once or multiple times throughout the year) is key to making sure they run smoothly and to making sure the HSA can continue to provide fun food options throughout the school year. 

Volunteers needed: 2-6 volunteers per food day


Pizza Day Volunteers:

coming soon


Sandwich Day Volunteers:  

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Bagel Day Volunteers: 

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Ice Cream Day Volunteers:

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Library Session Volunteer Sign Ups

September 2019 - June 2020 

Sign up to help out during your child’s library class/visit!  Be part of our reading room fun as you help check out books, organize the library, return books and more.  This is a great help to our school librarian and a fun day-time opportunity to visit with your child’s class in the library setting.  (You must be available during your child’s scheduled library session.)

Volunteer Sign up opportunities coming soon!