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Central School HSA Flyers

5th Grade Coordinators  
Document Date Posted
Winter Wonderland 2021 11/20/2021
Document Date Posted
Week of Respect 09/29/2021
Fall Social  
Document Date Posted
Fall Social 09/26/2021
Francesca Night  
Document Date Posted
Francesca's Fundraiser Night 09/20/2021
Francesca's Fundraiser Night 10/04/2021
Francesca's Fundraiser Night 11/01/2021
Haunted House (5th Grade)  
Document Date Posted
Haunted House 09/25/2021
Document Date Posted
Holiday Shop Shopping List 11/30/2021
Document Date Posted
School Pictures 09/15/2021
Art to Remember 09/21/2021
Autumn Fun Day 09/21/2021
Holiday Shopping 11/06/2021
Turkey Toast 11/12/2021
Holiday Shopping 11/20/2021
Light Up the Rock 12/16/2021
Tubing Flyer 01/20/2022
February Federated Meeting 01/24/2022
Musical 02/06/2022
Tic Toc Contest 02/18/2022
Fun Run 02/23/2022
TAW 04/24/2022
Teacher Appreciation Week 04/24/2022
Spirit Wear  
Document Date Posted
Spirit Wear 09/23/2021
Spirit Wear Blankets 09/29/2021
Visiting Author  
Document Date Posted
Visiting Author - Cynthia Lord 03/03/2022